I love the contrasts in images, light/dark, strong/gentle, that touch each observer differently. What do you see in the gray mist of a lonely Oregon beach? Are you drawn to the peace and serenity of the setting or haunted by the faint shadow of a lost love? Does the graceful fall of a lily remind you of the sensuous curve of a lover's arm? Can you get lost in the limitless mystery of the cosmos when you stare into a photograph of still water? Your individual interpretation of each image makes it uniquely your own. Of course, a piece of my spirit resides in every image, inviting you to see how I view the world. While I do see the “big picture,” the small, intimate aspects of nature captivate me; the minuscule details easily missed in our hurry-up, technology-loaded world whisper their secrets through my camera's lens. My most sincere desire is to share that one beautiful moment of quiet intimacy with you.